Club Guidelines

Whose responsibility is it to ensure safe and positive skating experience during our figure skating sessions? All of ours – Skaters, Parents, Ice Monitors, and Coaches.

Please read the following guidelines and bylaws. If you have any questions, talk with one of the coaches, rink management staff, or a BZFSC Board member. Sign the signature page at the end of the form noting that you have read and agree to follow the guidelines. MEMBERSHIP WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNLESS WAIVER IS SIGNED AND RETURNED ALONG WITH FEES.

Ice Time

  1. Skaters both nonmembers and members must sign in and pay at the ice desk or with the ice monitor before entering the ice. If no one is available for payment, it is the skater’s responsibility to return to the ice monitor or ice desk for payment.
  2. Skaters may only skate on the session that they pay for. No one may skate earlier or later than scheduled time.
  3. Figure skating time is subject to change. Please check the schedule prior to skating.
  4. You may NOT punch your own card otherwise it will be punched again by the monitor.
  5. You are required to patch any holes made from jumping before exiting the ice. You must allow for this in your paid session.
  6. Jumping in the crease is prohibited.

Safety — Figure Skating Sessions can be dangerous

  1. All skaters are to remain alert while skating.
  2. Use of any type of headsets (iPods, cellular phones, walkmans) are strictly prohibited while skating.
  3. Skater’s may not congregate or socialize on the ice. If you want to have a conversation move off the ice completely.
  4. Skater’s will yield the right of way as follows:
    • Skaters in a lesson doing their program to music
    • Skaters in lesson
    • Skaters doing their program not in a lesson
  5. Skaters may not: play or race on the ice, kick the ice, lie down or sit on the ice, or make/throw snowballs. No skater may push, pull, grab or purposely bump into other skaters.
  6. No gum, food or drinks other than water are allowed on the ice.
  7. No one is allowed on the ice when the Zamboni door is open.
  8. If any of the above safety rules are broken, skaters may be asked to leave the ice.

Music Box

  1. The Music Box must be set up and put away carefully. When setting up the box, please sit it on a chair. It is much easier to use and see the box when it is sitting higher and it also keeps the sensitive parts of the audio cord off the floor.
  2. Only coaches and club officers may give permission to use the music box to skaters under the age of 16.
  3. Music box priority:
    • Skaters in a lesson
    • If there is more than one skater in a lesson or practicing programs, music will be put in a queue on the CD rack.
    • Dance or program music may not be played repeatedly. Turn the music off once the dance or program is completed.